IMPIAN was established in 2000 by two medical professionals, Datin Dr Mangalaveni Karthigasu and Dr Zasmani Shafiee who are also parents of young adults with Autism. The IMPIAN vision is to play a signiificant role in closing the gap in services that exists for people with Autism and other learning disabilities in Malaysia.
The centre was registered in 2001 as a non-govermental charitable organization and was officially launched in May 2003 by the Minister of National Unity and Social Development. Its funding depends solely on the nominal fees that students pay and funding from the public.
IMPIAN is a charitable service foundation dedicated to the provision of a full range of services and life style options to people with Autism and other related disorders of communication and learning.
The services at IMPIAN include, the Early Intervention Programme (where students are equipped with skills to enhance their chances of being integrated back into mainstream education), the Functional Academic Programme (where students of school going age are provided with academic knowledge required for successful intergration into mainstream schools) and Pre—Vocational and Vocational Training (where adolescents and adults are equipped with essential vocational and living skills).