AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER The child is not blind, yet he cannot understand what he sees. Nor is he deaf, yet he cannot take what he hears. Nor he is isolated from the society, yet he cannot make sense of it. Why? Because he is AUTISTIC Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that effects the social interaction, communicationand imagination abilities of those with the syndrome. Autistic children may look normal, but their behavior is usually abnormal. Their bizzare mannerisms, peculiar rituals such as flapping arms, twisting wrists, jumping up and down, spinning around continuously and odd obsessions make such children noticeable. If affects for times more males than females, occurring with equal incidence across all geographical boundaries. We at IMPIAN realize that people with autism have very special needs, and are commited to do our best to assist the autistics. NOTE: Everyone with Autism, Down Syndrome and other Learning DIsabilities DESERVES the right to be included in the society to the best of their abilities.